Attica at Home

Have fun with the food and make it an experience! Set your table nicely and eat it on the ‘good plates’, or eat it straight from the packaging while relaxing on the couch. Have something to look forward to. Have Attica At Home. 


Attica Tasting Menu - for 2 people - FRID and SAT NIGHTS ONLY

An Attica Tasting Menu experience in your own home. Each menu is designed for 2 people to share and is priced at $380. No cooking required! 


Hand-picked Crab with Macadamia and Sourdough
Chewy Carrots with Pepper Berry 
Aromatic Ripponlea Broth
All Parts of the Pumpkin
Burru with Truganini 
Simple Dish of Potato Cooked in the Earth it was Grown
Beef Cheek with Wattle Seeds and Bush Tomato
Daintree chocolate with Quandongs  
Baked Apple Cheesecake 
Rainforest Cherry Ripe  

Along with matched beverages: 200mls Bendigo Calling Cocktail, 1 x 750ml bottle of white wine, 1  x 375ml bottle of red wine, 100ml Sake 

Vegetarian option available (we can cater to half vegetarian and half standard if required) and Non-alcoholic drinks also available (whole menu will have non-alcoholic pairing if this option is requested). Please add either 'vegetarian', 'half vegetarian' or 'non-alcoholic matches' to the comments sections when ordering.

Please note that unfortunately we cannot change this menu to cater to any other dietary requirements.

Available Friday and Saturday nights only in limited quantities.
Some gentle reheating required via oven, stove or microwave)

Vegetarian Menu changes:
Grilled anise myrtle cucumbers instead of CRAB, Corn & Kombu broth instead of AROMATIC CHICKEN BROTH, Braised winter mushrooms & Truganini instead of Kangaroo & Truganini, Salt Baked Celeriac instead of Beef Cheek


Please read our FAQs before ordering

Attica Modern Three - for 2 or 3 people (from 5th October)

$95 pick up (plus delivery) for 2 people
or $145 pick up (plus delivery) for 3 people


- Asparagus with corn and burnt Macadamia

- Parma Chameleon (crumbed chicken, stracciatella, tomato and pistachio salsa verde)
- Strawberries, White Chocolate and Bunya Cream


Suggested Beverage Add-on:

Crawford River 'Young Vines' Riesling (+$38)  or  A.R.C Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir ($39)

* Can be made pregnancy friendly,  gluten free (gluten free crumb), vegan (eggplant), vegetarian (eggplant), fructose free, nut free, dairy free (non dairy replacements), and egg free on request.

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Attica Classics at Home - for 2 or 3 people

$95 pick up (plus $15 for delivery) for 2 people
or $145 pick up (plus $15 for delivery) for 3 people

—A Simple Dish of Potato Cooked in the Earth it Was Grown
—The Dish That Saved Attica aka Spice Crusted Lamb Shoulder
—Plight of the Bees (Trifle version)

Suggested Beverage Add-on 
 Sinapius 'Close Planted' Chardonnay (+$64)  or Syrahmi 'New Beginnings' Shiraz (+$64)

* Can be made pregnancy friendly, no pork, no nuts, GF or Vegetarian ONLY (Vegetarian version replaces the lamb with eggplant up until the end of September, from the 1st of October this will be replaced with a Celeriac brick, silverbeet, currents and spring peas with cheddar sauce.  GF menu has a GF crumb on the lamb dish and GF trifle). Menu contains: halal lamb (unless vegetarian option), nuts (unless otherwise specified), pork (unless otherwise specified). The following allergens are used in the menu and cannot be removed: honey, dairy, onion and garlic.

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Ben Shewry's Family Meal - for 2 people

$60 for 2 people (plus $15 for delivery)
—Ben's family lasagne (beef)
—Attica garden salad 
—Pull-apart garlic bread

Suggested Beverage Add-on 
Church Road Grand Reserve Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 (+$55)

* Can be made GF or Vegetarian ONLY (vegetarian lasagne is made with napoli, ricotta and pumpkin. The GF is made with GF pasta, bolognaise and cheese with a GF version of the garlic bread). Standard meal contains: beef (unless vegetarian option requested), gluten (unless GF option requested). Contains dairy, fructose and alcohol that cannot be removed.

Please read our FAQs before ordering

IT'S BACK! Attica Korean "Chi-Bab" Staff Special - Monday to Thursday evenings only, Monday 26th October to Thursday 5th November

$65 (plus delivery) for food only - serves 2 people 
add on a 4 pack of Attica X Garage Project 'Bliss' Beers for $24 extra

One of the greatest things about working at Attica is the diversity of daily staff meal. With 18 nations represented through our staff we eat dishes from all over the world. We’d like to share a little bit of that diversity and staff creativity with you. 

 Every two weeks we will be offering a new meal created by members of Attica staff. 

Monday 17th August to Thursday 27th August
Ju and Su's Chi-Bab

  • Fried chicken with Korean spicy sauce
  • Sticky rice with sesame
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Coleslaw
  • Chestnut rice wine panna cotta with puffed rice

Matches perfectly with the Staff Special Beverage -  Garage Project 'Bliss' 4 pack of beers.

This menu contains Nuts (Chestnut), Meat (Chicken), Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Gelatin, Garlic, Onion, Soy, Chili, Sesame, Alcohol and shellfish that cannot be removed. Unfortunately we cannot cater to
any dietary requirements with this special menu.

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Stay Home Souva

$35 per person (plus delivery) with a minimum serving of 2 people.

Marinated chicken with grilled flatbreads, wattleseed hummus, garlic yoghurt, medium rare potato 'chip' salad, kale salad and pickles. Stay home! Eat Souva! 

Suggested Beverage Add-on 
 Mac Forbes EB52 Rosé 2019 (+$36)  or A.R.C Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir 2019 (+$39)

*Can be made vegetarian on request (carrot based dish), vegan on request (with coconut yoghurt), GF on request (with handmade corn tortillas). Does not contain nuts. Contains fructose that cannot be removed.

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Number 1 Combination

The best way to finish your meal - cheese and honey! A 50gm Baby Holy Goat 'La Luna' cheese served with Baker Bleu ficelle and fresh honeycomb - $20

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Aromatic broth of Chicken, Shiitake and Coconut with Pepperberry (serves 1 person)

A healthy, soulful and light meal of twice cooked free range chicken broth with young coconut water, aromatic herbs, shredded poached free range chicken, locally grown shiitake mushrooms and a seasoning condiment of crispy garlic and native Tasmanian pepperberry.    Available as an addition to any Attica At Home hot meals for $25. It will arrive cold and ready to heat and serve as an extra course for your meal or as a rejuvenating lunch the next day. Five dollars from each bowl sold will fund the Attica Soup Project which supports temporary visa workers in the hospitality industry. Learn more here

*Contains meat, soy, gluten, fructose, egg and shellfish that cannot be removed

Please read our FAQs before ordering

The Pavington

$65 serves 6-8 people. 

Attica’s answer to one of the worlds great culinary conundrums. Which is the greatest? Lamington or Pavlova? Here's our seductive answer - all pav, cream, moist sponge, chocolate icing, raspberry jam and kiwifruit- why settle for one when you can have both at once! 

*Contains gluten, dairy, egg, that cannot be removed

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Bake Shop Cheesecake

Baked fresh daily and enough for 8 generous slices. A decadent baked cheese cake of three creams - mascarpone, pouring and cream cheese - $70

* No nuts. Gluten free and pregnancy friendly. Contains dairy and corn that cannot be removed.

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Ice Cream

$25 for a 500ml tub

Jelly Bean ice cream with soft raspberry marshmallow

contains gelatine and uses an ingredient that 'may contain traces of gluten'

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Attica Celebration Cake

Baked fresh daily and enough for 8 generous slices. Rich vanilla cake with a Hunted and Gathered white chocolate ganache centre, whipped yoghurt cream icing and fresh berries - $80

*No nuts. Can be made vegetarian (contains gelatine). Contains cocoa, gluten and dairy that cannot be removed.

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Sticky Pineapple Pudding

Serves 4 people as an add on to your Attica At Home Meal - $30

Moist pineapple, date and anise myrtle pudding served with butterscotch and organic cream. 

*No nuts. Pregnancy friendly.  Contains egg, gluten, dairy that cannot be removed

Please read our FAQs before ordering


Mixed 4 pack of Beers

$25 for 4 beers
Mostly cans, sometime bottles, bar team’s choice, mixed beer pack
Beers shown for illustrative purposes—actual beers may vary

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Attica x Marionette Bunya Bunya Liqueur Mini

$16 for 50mls

Incredibly rare, incredibly special, like the Bunya Bunya itself. This was made especially for Attica by Marionette with Bunya from South-Eastern Queensland. A wild, flavoursome and uniquely Australian liqueur, great over ice before or after dinner, or sub in for spirit in your favourite cocktail.

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Nadeson Collis Inception NV


Ray Nadeson makes wines with personality, he and wife Marie Collis have been quietly working on their sparkling project for 13-plus-years. The fruit is sourced from Drumborg in western-Victoria, chardonnay and pinot noir from 2017 with 25% of reserve wine drawn from solera or perpetual blend that has been developing since 2006. Refined, dry Australian sparkling with tonnes of complexity and interest.

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Crawford River ‘Young Vines’ Riesling 2018


The Crawford River vineyard was planted by John and Catherine Thompson in 1975, with their eldest daughter, Belinda, now in charge of winemaking. ‘Young Vines’ of approximately 20 years of age produce riesling of energy and drive, that’s mouth-puckering and delicious.  

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Sinapius ‘Close Planted’ Chardonnay 2018


Made by Linda Morice and her late husband Vaughn Dell, who tragically passed away this year. These gorgeous wines are a reflection of his warmth, ambition and incredible eye for detail. Tasmanian chardonnay is all about elegance with the power and concentration of this close planted and high density site.

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Mac Forbes EB52 Rosé 2019


Joyous, slippery-textured syrah rosé from Yarra-born Mac Forbes, who’s one of the region’s greatest advocates. Constantly searching for purity and balance in focusing on the upper-Yarra’s cooler sites.

Please read our FAQs before ordering

A.R.C Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir 2019


Purity and freshness is what this beauty from Jessica and James Audas is all about. ‘A Random Collection’ referring to the number of great sites their fruit is sourced while they establish their Gippsland vineyard.

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Reed Alexia Grenache 2019


Spicy, fragrant and medium-bodied Barossa Grenache from Sierra Reed. Made in partnership with grower Wayne Ahrens who’s biodynamic vineyard produces fruit from 100-150 year old vines.  Sierra has a knack for producing lithe, transparent and soulful wines that are moorish as they are serious.  

Please read our FAQs before ordering

Syrahmi ‘New Beginnings’ Shiraz 2016


A true champion of shiraz and the ancient granite hills of Heathcote, Adam Foster’s ‘New beginnings’ the first release using fruit sourced from Carl Brown’s organic vineyard. Deep, dark and dense, with rich fruit and long savoury frame.

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Church Road Grand Reserve Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2016


Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend from our friends at Church Road in Hawkes Bay, NZ. A ripping example of that trademark opulence and freshness that’s made the region world-famous and the wines highly sought after.

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